Are you planning on moving overseas? Or perhaps you’re moving to Canada?

There are numerous options to ensure that your move is a success, but choosing services can be a complex process.

Trust our experienced team to provide you with the best solutions for shipping your personal items by container.

The Duponmar advantage: personalized support and competitive rates

Here are some preliminary questions that will help us give you the best possible service:

  • Where will your goods be shipped to?
  • What type of goods are you shipping? Furniture, cars and appliances? Or simply boxes filled with personal effects?
  • Do you prefer maritime shipping (longer, but more economical) or air cargo (faster, but more costly)?
  • If you choose maritime shipping, we’ll need to evaluate the volume of the goods being shipped. This will help us decide whether to use a full container or opt for group loading (sharing a container).
  • Are you interested in port-to-door delivery (road transport)?
  • Will you need to put your personal items in storage while you search for new housing?

An overseas move needs to be carefully planned. Our team is there for you!

Send us an email message with as many details as possible about your move. We will contact you shortly after to follow up!

Contact person: Josée Dupont